Annual Reports

AFE Mid Year Report FY 2017


This report covers the activities of IMF East AFRITAC in the first half of FY 2017 (May-October, 2016). During this period, the rate of execution of the work plan reached 94 percent, or about half of the annual program.

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AFE Annual Report FY 2016


The IMF builds human and institutional capacity in macroeconomic management across the globe through technical assistance and training. This work – collectively referred to as capacity development – is a core part of the IMF’s operations and its contributions to global growth and prosperity.

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AFE Mid Year Report FY 2016


This report covers the start of Phase IV of IMF East AFRITAC’s operations – the first half of FY 2016 to be precise (May-October, 2015). While a sustained level of technical assistance and training services has continued to be delivered, activity has been moderated by uncertainty over financing as well as changes in demand from TA recipients. In particular, a prudent approach has been taken by delaying the initiation of some of the new areas of work planned in Phase IV, such as those on natural resources management, fiscal law and payments systems.

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AFE Annual Report FY 2015


Technical assistance and training—which together the IMF calls capacity development— are key IMF activities and important benefits of IMF membership. Building human and institutional capacity within a country helps the government implement more effective policies, leading to better economic outcomes.

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AFE Mid Year Report FY 2015


Both IMF headquarters and East AFRITAC have made good progress towards implementing the action plan in response to the mid-term evaluation. Strategic focus is being sharpened by developing country strategies as part of the Phase IV program document. The technical assistance (TA) planning process is being strengthened to capture all IMF activities and improve alignment with the Fund’s strategic planning process.

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