East AFRITAC bids farewell to one PFM advisor and welcomes another

In late May, AFE bade farewell to Michael Schaeffer and wished him well in his future endeavors. Michael had been with IMF East AFRITAC as a resident Public Financial Management Advisor for the three years since July 2009. During this period he had been active in all seven East AFRITAC member countries, providing guidance and practical assistance to support improved PFM practices. Much of his efforts were concentrated on strengthening planning and budgeting processes, and particularly on introducing measures to link the annual budgets to government objectives, and for budgets to focus on outputs. Other activities have contributed to improved cash management and financial reporting, and modernisation of PFM legal frameworks. He organized and coordinated several regional PFM workshops on a range of diverse but topical themes.

Continuity of East AFRITAC's support to member countries' planning and budgeting reforms will be largely undertaken by Mr. Tawfik Ramtoolah. East AFRITAC is pleased to welcome Tawfik as one of its three PFM resident advisors. Tawfik brings a wealth of experience in the areas of budgeting, governance and macroeconomic management. He has worked in numerous African countries and played an instrumental role in implementing a medium term expenditure framework and results-based budgeting in Mauritius. He is a skilled trainer.