Workshop on National Accounts Statistics Harmonization

Entebbe, Uganda

The workshop will agree on ways to harmonize NAS data sources, compilation and dissemination for member countries and to develop or update country action plans to achieve this outcome. Presentations and group discussions will be held on the following topics: East African Community (EAC) harmonization objectives for macroeconomic statistics; comparison of NAS produced by member countries (current stage of development); country presentations on progress made in implementing improvements to NAS over the last 18 months (since the first harmonization workshop in March 2011); key areas where consistency needs to be achieved for data sources, compilation methods and dissemination, with reference to the United Nations System of National Accounts 2008, Data Quality Assurance Framework, General Data Dissemination System, Special Data Dissemination Standards, and latest economic classifications); and developing country action plans, including identifying funding and TA requirements.

The main objective of the workshop is to discuss and reach agreement on the implementation of key international best practices and standards in order to: improve consistency in data sources and compilation methods; and to harmonize NAS dissemination within the region. A secondary objective is to provide training on QNA.

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